Success Stories

At Elite, we take pride in the health and wellness accomplishments of our patients. Our patient's success, is a direct reflection of how well our doctors and staff are impacting the lives and communities we serve. Please take a moment to read over some of the recent success stories from our patients.


If you are interested in sharing your success story from the experience with Elite Rehab Institute, please email us directly at: 


I was in severe pain and did not know who to turn to. I wanted help as naturally as possible ( without pills or surgery) I feel that I was helped in many ways. They took me in when I could come( when I wasn’t working) and worked with my schedule. It is worth it to know there are ways to stay healthy and do so without taking medications for the rest of your life. - BD

When I first came here I was in enormous pain. I could not move my neck or lift my arm without a lot of pain. After a couple weeks the pain was almost nothing. Everyone working here is very nice and are willing to answer any questions you may have. I will recommend Elite to everyone who needs it. Thanks a lot - RL

My frightening experience that I had has turned into a positive outlook on life and my health. The conditions that I have which is almost indescribable were like pins sticking in my legs, move up to the lower part of my body, then upper chest area, and all the way to my head. It felt like electric shocks, red pepper burning, lights sprinkling then it would move to my left side. It felt like a heavy weight was on my heart . I must include that I was not able to sleep at night. This condition started 18 years ago.  Now I fell so much better. I can sleep at night. I can also feel that I am on the road to living not dying. I had concluded that the doctor’s do not know what was wrong with me. that had never heard of what I was going through. - MP

I came into Elite after I injured my back- acute lower back pain. Moving was very difficult and I was in a lot of pain. Dr.John took me right away and was able to relieve my pain and make me feel more comfortable after only a few visits. My injury has healedd but I continue to return in to work on strenghtening. Themassages are also excellent and have tremendously helped in my recovery. -Rot

Lower back, arm, and shoulder joint pain was the reason to get worked on. After talking to Dr. John,I told him of my jaw popping which he took care of. I also Mentioned that I has vertigo issues, of which he suggested some acupuncture of which I doubted, but tried.It helped me quite a bit. I am now a believer that acupuncture can be effective in this treatment. I am sure that the knowledge of Dr.John plays a large part in (the office) success. -Dick Sing

I work in an industry where my shoulder, neck and back take a lot of abuse! Seeing Dr.John and Amber made the aches go away.I can function with no pain. I was non believer in acupuncture. Dr. John has treated my TMJ headaches with acupuncture and Iam now a believe! Thank you -Cindy S.

I work at a computer 9 hours a day, and have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain for at least a year. I also have chronic migraines. A previous poor experience with another provider left me hesitant to visit here. Pain, and speaking with Dr. John, encouraged me to try again! In a short time my shoulder pain has essentially disappeared,and my neck has improved. The specialized headache massage treatment was also great, the best I’ve had to help with the tension and pain. I’m glad I visited this office. -Cheryl K