Kathryn B - I have been a client for 5 years now, it started with a Groupon massage when I was having P.T. at another (unrelated) facility. Upon seeing what was offered here (more equipment, one on one with the therapists, massage therapy & additional types of therapy-accupuncture, cupping,etc.) I chose to come over here & I am so GLAD that I did!  Elite has helped me get through 3 different surgeries; Dr. Pirie's skill & experience guided me to the right doctors & treatments & the staff has always been aware of my needs be they physical, mental or emotional.
My job is highly physical & I have been able to resume my normal duties, I feel SO FORTUNATE to have discovered this place. I have always felt like I mattered whether it's the "tough love" of the physical therapists (Ashley, Megan,) the thoughtful consideration of the receptionist/manager (MIchelle,) or the skilled massage therapists who are knowledgeable of many different types of massages. The fact there is a doctor available (Dr. Wanty for one,) is comforting. I do not hesitate recommending Elite whenever I can, I have already referred several friends who are equally satisfied.

Julie P. - I've been going here for several years for migraines, and I have been very happy with the treatment I have received here.  Scheduling has always been very convenient with the staff greeting me with friendly smiles and hellos even after a long day.  I have received a great quality of care with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and massage treatments over the years to manage my migraines.  My migraines will never go away, but the treatment I get at Elite rehab makes them bearable.  And the staff there get me through the tough times.

Samantha T. - I am so happy I found this place. Dr. Wanty is great at what she does and really knows her stuff. I've been to other chiropractors and none have made me feel as comfortable or in control of my treatments. Scheduling here is awesome as well. I have a pretty hectic schedule and they are also willing to work around it, even with last minute changes. I highly recommend Elite!

David G. - I have been going to Elite for over 10 years and in that time, I have found that the staff is excellent and if you want a massage. I recommend you go to Elite over any other massage therapy in the area
They have the largest selection of masuses.
After a relaxing massage , you have the option of being worked on by the master Dr. Pirie or one of his trusted associates. You leave feeling refreshed and ready to face the day, not like some other rehabilitation places, where you leave in more pain than you came in with.

Dayna K. - I visited this facility after shoulder surgery. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They treated me with the gentle care I needed at first and then pushed me to where I needed to be. When it was time for me to be released, they made sure I knew the correct exercises and had the proper tools to continue making a full recovery. Definitely would recommend this place to anyone.

Scott S. - I started at Elite about a year and a half ago due to back pain and soreness, I also have over use issues with my forearms due to construction work. Made great progress in about 3 months of consistent therapy and chiropractic adjustments. Continued there after body was feeling better as a way to be proactive in injury prevention. The care that I received there was awesome, making rehabbing an injury not a chore but a pleasurable experience. The staff is very welcoming and inviting there making every visit a great experience. They were also very accommodating with my work schedule ( overtime affecting some appointments) they were more than helpful in rescheduling for me. All in all a great experience. PS. Make sure to schedule with Bret for deep tissue/ trigger point massage, best in the businesses 

Albert K. - There are two words that comes to me about Elite Rehabilitations Institute in Joliet "True Professionals
They work at your medical needs and care about as a person. All the staff give you a MVP feeling, I have played sports all my life and was fortunate to play professionally in Europe. Of all the rehabs places I have been to for my shoulder, knees and back. Elite Rehabilitation is my first and only choice. Thank You all for are currently working with me to have a normal and pain free life!

Jesus C. - I have been coming to Elite for about a year. The ladies at the counter always greet you with a great attitude and smile. The staff is very knowledgable and throughly explain the issues you are having. They pin point the problem areas and use several techniques to help alleviate the pain. I can't thank them enough for all the hard work. Helping me and countless others get back on track. Thanks Michelle, Ashley, Wanty and Lexi!

Christopher G. - My son and I have been going to Elite for over a year now.  The staff there are always friendly and very welcoming. They ask many questions and actually LISTEN to the feedback I give.  The knowledge they posses is not only from their education but also from experience, which is something no one can get from the textbooks.  Because of the trust I have in them I know I can tell them my ailments and then hand over the issues for them to take care of.  The therapy they may administer or suggest isn't always easy but the work that has to be put in works.  The professionalism is up there with the best.  Their administration skills are top notch as well.  All I have to do is walk in, let them provide their service, set up any future follow ups and walk out the door.  Thanks Elite!

E.N. - Where do I begin? I have been struggling with several issues which have kept me going from one orthopedic specialist to the next for the past two years.  I have a torn labrum in my left hip, tendinitis in my right elbow and a cyst growing in my right wrist (in the joint).  All these problems caused severe pain and limited my mobility to the point where everyday tasks like taking a shower or carry a grocery bag.  I was given an order for multiple rounds of physical therapy over a span of two months. I began my treatment at my orthopedic doctor's PT clinic which was actually in their office. After that failed, I tried cortisone injections which which also failed. In fact, the injections actually made the pain much worse. After all the failed attempts in treatment the doctor said I would need surgery to correct my arm and hip (different specialists for the arm and hip, both wanted to do surgery).  I was afraid of having two surgeries so I said I would give it more time, hoping my issues would resolve.  After another month passed, I needed to get a physical for my employer and went to my primary doctor. While at that visit I told the doc what was going on and he offered to write an order for more PT.  I decided to give it a try and that's when I discovered Elite Rehab.  I could tell from the very first visit that things were very different compared to the first place I went to.  Everyone was super friendly and paid close attention to my treatment. My physical therapist did electrical stimulation, stretching, massage, exercise, and even needling! After about 2 weeks of treatment, to my surprise, I was actually starting to feel better!  I then decided to give their chiropractor and massage therapist a try because of the relief I was beginning to feel from the physical therapy.  Best decision I ever made in my life! After about 1 month I was back in business and could actually use my arm and hip again.  I typically don't write reviews on places other than restaurants, but feel I needed to share my very true story on how I actually avoided two surgeries. Thank you Elite Rehab!!

Karlee K. - Elite rehab is a very professional and efficient business. The staff is always welcoming and friendly. The doctor is knowledgeable and helpful, always putting his customers first by going above and beyond to make sure they are in good health. They even provide massages and acupuncture for an extensive pain relief. I would highly recommend this place!

William O. - From the first time I walked in the door several years ago I have always been greeted by the friendly front desk staff. They call to inform me if an appointment opens up that better fits my schedule. I have had the pleasure of being treated by every physical therapist, chiropractor, and massage therapist at Elite. They all pay close attention to my pain, my feelings, and my injuries. They carefully supervise my form while I do exercises. They answer all my questions patiently and thoughtfully. The one word to describe the massage therapists......outstanding! And to the chiropractors and physical therapists, thank you for the pain relief! The staff create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in their clean and roomy therapy room and massage rooms. Not only do I feel better, but I have a great time talking and meeting the other patients. Before I found Elite, I have visited several other physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists and by far Elite is the best. I highly recommend Elite and will keep coming back!

Chris M. - This place is great and the staff is really helpful. I went in when my back was out and could barley walk. After going a few times a week for about a month I was back to normal!

Rosalinda C. - After having some lower back pain during my training for the 2018 Chicago Marathon Dr. Wanty helped me bring much needed relief for the big day. I ran the entire marathon with no back pain, woohoo. The massages are great too.  Such a welcoming staff and their appointment times work great with my full time schedule, very accommodating. I'll continue to refer them to friends and family. Thanks Elite.

Yolanda R. - My family and I have been fans for years and I won't go anywhere else. Dr Pirie and his staff are amazing - very professional, friendly, and courteous. The acupuncture and massages are what keeps me going back.  I have and do highly recommend it to everyone.